Obituary Notice Christer Samuelsson

                     Christer Samuelsson (1942-2022)  

             Docent , Associate Professor , Lund University


We regret to inform our members that Christer Samuelsson,one of the pioneers of radon studies, has recently passed away.  For many years Christer was an academic  researcher at the Medical Physics Department , Lund University.  His research interests covered a wide range of topics from aerosol science and radon to the development of high sensitivity radiation detection instrumentation and mobile gamma spectrometric systems. In the context of radon he made major contributions to the characterisation of airborne radon progeny in indoor air and in lung dosimetry modelling.  He was a participating scientist in the summer 1980 expedition of the Swedish ice-breaker Ymer to the Arctic where he measured the behaviour of radon and Pb210  in outdoor air.  He will also be remembered for his pioneering work  on the processes involved  in alpha recoil implanted radon progeny such as Po210 in media such as glass (surface traps) and deposited in porous materials (volume traps). His work in this area has formed the  basis of a number of techniques used to retrospectively assess the exposure of persons to radon and its progeny over many years. These methods have been and continue to be used successfully in a number of radon projects throughout Europe and elsewhere.

At a personal level Christer was a warm and popular personality. His musical and singing skills enlivened many a gathering.  We extend our condolences on his sad passing to his wife Ingrid and family to whom he was devoted.

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