Obituary Notice Martin Freeman

                       Martin Humphrey Freeman

                         31/01/1948 – 08/11/2022.


We regret to inform our members that Martin Freeman, one of the founding members of ERA, sadly passed away on 8 th November 2022 after a long illness. 

Martin attended the very first meeting of ERA (then EARST) in Bouillion, in 2013 and sat on the Executive Committee until 2018. He was also the first Chairman of the UK Radon Association, from 2013 – 2016. In 2015 he initiated the Coalition of International Radon Associations (COIRA), bringing together the leaders of the UK, European, American and Canadian radon associations to share knowledge and work together on important cross-border research. He was the Chair for the first two years.

Martin had been involved in the field of radon since 1988. Having been engaged in specialist building preservation services, hygiene and public health services since 1970, in the late 80’s Martin started to receive enquiries regarding radon. For 20 years, he provided ad hoc advice and remedial services to clients in the UK whilst the market was in its infancy.

Following a major heart attack in 2009, when Martin was Managing Director of a national preservation company, Martin made the decision to reassess his work/life balance and focus on the things that mattered most to him for the remainder of his working life.

Martin had a personal interest in the field of radon. In his own words, “2009 also brought the upsetting diagnosis that my eldest sister, Alethea, had lung cancer. Due to lifelong ill-health she spent more time than most at home and, in particular, downstairs in her living room. I had previously tested her house for radon and found the level to be 135 Bq/m3 within the living room, well below the prevailing UK Action Level of 200 Bq/m3. Alethea died from lung cancer in 2011. As to cause, her consultant oncologist agreed that, as a non-smoker who had never been around second-hand smoke, long term radon exposure to a level of 135 Bq/m3 was the likeliest identifiable suspect. Alethea’s death galvanised and energised me to devote my working time to increasing awareness and action
against radon. In 2011, I founded propertECO to fulfil that objective along with a colleague from a previous post, Rebecca Coates.”

propertECO quickly became recognised as a leading centre of expertise in the UK, and grew a national client base of everything from private householders to multinational corporations. In 2014, propertECO was named ‘Britain’s Best Small Business’ in the financial press after winning a
competition aimed at businesses less than 3 years old.

Martin retired in 2019, but continued to offer consultancy services to propertECO and independently, and to participate vociferously in national and international policy consultations on radon.

Martin loved to travel and was a popular face at radon conferences across Europe and North America. His sense of humour has been remembered by many over the past few weeks.

ERA welcomes membership applications from those who have an active interest in the field of radon