European Radon Day 2020

Welcome to the European Radon Day 2020!

This year, the topic is “Healthy Indoor Environment and Radon as a Pollutant”. We have prepared an infographic that you can download in different languages and resolutions using the links below. To do that, click on the text next to the language to select the corresponding resolution.

Please send to us ( the activities carried out in your country, and we will add them here.


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Satellite events European Radon Day 2020


In Austria, AGES has issued a specific radon press release through its newsletter and the website:


FANC has placed an announcement on its website and Twitter feed:


“café DREAL”(Virtual café) : Two sessions Awareness for state agents of the DREAL (Direction régionale de l’environnement, Bourgogne Franche-Comté). 5 november and 15 december 2020. Contact : VREL Carine


EPA Ireland has issued a national press release where the main message is to raise awareness of radon as an indoor air pollutant and to encourage homeowners to take action on radon.  They highlight the highest level of radon found in a home in Ireland earlier this year. Click here to read more.

EPA Ireland has prepared a radio ad that started running on Wednesday 4th Nov.

Finally, EPA Ireland has released local press releases in counties where levels of radon above 2,000 Bq/m3 have been found in 2019 and 2020:

Press release Clare

Press release Cork

Press release Sligo

Press release Wicklow


The National Atomic Energy Agency has added information about ERD 2020 and  radon (only Polish version):

The website of the Laboratory of Radiometric Expertise Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN is updated with the infographic produced by ERA and other links:


The Portuguese Radiation Protection Society organized a webinar dedicated to the theme “The role of the stakeholders in the National Radon Plan”. An introductory presentation was made under this year’s ERD topic.

More information on

The Portuguese Environmental Agency also displayed ERD2020 poster on its radon dedicated website:

ERA welcomes membership applications from those who have an active interest in the field of radon