Election of the EC of ERA

Procedures and Rules

Rule 1 Candidates

Article 19 of the ERA statutes states that all members of the EC must be Ordinary (i.e. individual) Members of ERA. Every fully paid-up Ordinary Member that has been a member of ERA since 31 December 2022 or before can be a candidate for election to the board (EC). The deadline for the submission of candidate names is 15th of August 2023. Candidates must submit their application to the Secretary of ERA by Email (secretary@radoneurope.org) using the attached template.
All candidates will be notified of acceptance or otherwise of their submission.

Rule 2 Voting procedures

On 1st of September 2023 every fully paid-up member of ERA will receive an invitation to participate in electronic voting for the new EC.  Voting is done via the web platform. Voters must indicate their choices for election to the EC board (maximum permitted choices are 15 names). The online balloting will be closed on 15th September 2023 at 9 am (Brussels time). Voting results will be announced during the AGM in Prague (21st September 2023).

Rule 3 Election procedure

According to Article 19 of the ERA statutes, the EC is elected at an Ordinary General Assembly. The maximum permitted number of EC members is 15 (the minimum is 10). This Article also states that ‘the composition (of the EC) shall be well balanced with respect to various scientific and technological sectors within the radon field’. Therefore, all voters are encouraged to choose candidates so that a widespread in sectors (industry, science, authority) and nationalities is assured. Also, voting for many candidates instead of only for a few will assist to have a well balanced new EC.
Article 36 states that each Ordinary Member shall have one vote. Each Company Member shall have 2 votes per company, independent of the number of any individual Ordinary Members that may also belong to that company.
Votes will be counted before the General Assembly and the 15 names with the most votes will be announced as the newly elected EC which will take office on 1 January 2020.

Rule 4 Election of Officers

The four officer positions (President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer) shall be elected by and within the newly elected EC board. This voting will also be carried out electronically at an appropriate time following the EC election.
The new officer appointments will take effect on 1 January 2024 along with the new Executive Committee.

ERA welcomes membership applications from those who have an active interest in the field of radon