European Radon Day


Last year the first European Radon Day, an initiative led by ERA occurred on 7th November 2015. This event was a big success and satellite events took place in several European countries. You can find a summary of what happened at the ERA website.
The Executive Committee of ERA agreed on its last meeting to keep 7th November as the annual date for European Radon Day. The reason for choosing that day is that it is the birthday of Marie Sklodowska-Curie. Therefore, we encourage you to carry out activities such as public awareness actions, press communications, campaigns, training, publicity, etc… on that day and share with us through the website. So send us any material you wish to appear on the website and we will inform ERA members. We will include on this page the activities carried out in the different countries on this special day.


The first European Radon Day, an initiative led by the European Radon Association (ERA) will occur on 7th November 2015.

The purpose of European Radon Day is to give a focal point for radon awareness activity for all European countries. And what better date than Marie Curie’s birthday, which also falls within global Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

ERA has designed a poster which can be downloaded and shared with friends, family and colleagues to spread the message about radon, the second leading cause of lung cancer, after smoking.

Please click below to download the poster in PDF format.

English Version                                                            French Version

European Radon Day 2015 Poster ENGLISHEuropean Radon Day 2015 Poster FRENCH

Dutch Version                                                           Polish Version

European Radon Day 2015 Poster DUTCH      European Radon Day 2015 Poster POLISH

German Version                                                  Spanish Verson

European Radon Day 2015 Poster GERMAN       European Radon Day 2015 Poster SPANISH

Portugese Version                                                 Romanian Version

European Radon Day 2015 Poster PORTUGESE        European Radon Day 2015 Poster ROMANIAN

Swedish Version                                    Gaelic Version

European Radon Day 2015 Poster SWEDISH 2European Radon Day 2015 Poster GAELIC 2








What’s Happening in Your Country?


The Austrian Agency for Health & Food Safety, AGES, have issued a press release announcing the first European Radon Day and encouraging citizens to carry out radon testing. You can read the press release here


A specific awareness campaign will be organised, focussing on radon in workplaces, for which a new online tool for measurement and declaration has been developed ( )

A special training course for building professionals will be announced on the occasion of the European radon day, focussing on radon and Indoor Air Quality.


Information about European Radon Day was included in a radon symposium in Munich organised by Behoerdenspiegel, a newspaper for German governmental institutions and communities. A summary of the event, including the German version of the ERA poster is available at


EPA will be running a week-long awareness campaign in Co. Clare, beginning on 7th November. More details to at Coverage of European Radon Day has been secured in various media outlets, including NewsTalk radio.


On 6 Nov. 2015 Laboratory of Radiometric Expertise IFJ PAN organized the radon scientific-education session within European Radon Day.

It was held at the Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN in Krakow and was addressed to local authorities, local public, staff of kindergartens, students and press. This session was officially opened by Director of the Institute, Professor Marek Jeżabek. About 50 guests attended the session. The organizers gave interviews to local and national media.

We presented  information about radon, about our project within Visergrad Funds “Indoor radon and health risk assessment for children and staff in kindergartens in V4 countries” (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland). Information about this project is avaible on our website

During the session we distributed European Radon Day poster and brochure about radon.


On 6th November Radosys Atlantic had the pleasure to receive a visit from the Europeane Commissioner of Research, Innovation and Science, Mr. Carlos Moedas.
The European Radon Day poster was displayed and while explaining him what radon is, reference was made to the poster, the reference to the poster, the event and ERA.
The poster was also displayed at least in 19 city halls from the Intermunicipal Comunity of the Region of Coimbra.


To coincide with European Radon Day, the XIII National Conference of Medical Physics will be held in Cluj-Napoca on 7th – 8th November 2015, dedicating the 7th of November in memory of Mary Salome Skłodowska-Curie and November 8 of Wilhelm Röntgen. The conference is organised by the Romanian College of Medical Physicists (CFMR) in cooperation with the University Babes-Bolyai of Cluj-Napoca, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi and Oradea University. Further details can be found at


Unican European Radon DayThe Institute of of Construction Sciences Eduardo Torroja (IETCC) in Madrid have issued a press release regarding European Radon Day, which can be found at

The Radon Group of University of Cantabria displayed the European Radon Day poster in their laboratory and also in the University’s faculty of medicine to raise awareness of radon.


UK Radon Awareness Week will run from 7th – 13th November 2015 and is being run by UK Radon Association in collaboration with Public Health England and BRE Academy. Visit for information and to download resources. The campaign has been picked up by national media, including broadsheet newspaper The Guardian and broadcaster ITV.