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The theme for this year´s European Radon Day is RADON PREVENTION. We have prepared posters in different languages with some tips for effective radon prevention. Please send us your activities on the ERD 2019.

  • Bulgarian
(bulgarian) 10 Tips for effective radon prevention
  • Dutch
(DUTCH) Tips for effective radon prevention
  • English
10 Tips for effective radon prevention – ERD 2019
  • Finnish
(FINNISH) Radonjuliste Euroopan radonpaiva 2019
  • French
(FRENCH) 10 Tips for effective radon prevention
  • German
(GERMAN) 9 Tips for effective radon prevention
  • Italian
Italian 10 Tips for effective radon prevention
  • Spanish
(spanish) 10 Tips for effective radon prevention
  • Swedish
swedish 10 Tips for effective radon prevention

Satellite events European Radon Day 2019

The Postdam Radon Communication manifesto 

Manifesto Radon Communication_06.11.19 final




A campaign was launched to publish information for radon on the all official websites
of the Regional Health Inspections and on the National Center for Radiology and Radiation Protection under Ministry of Health in Bulgaria. You can find further information on the following links:новини/актуални-новини/1509-novina_07112019ноември-европейски-ден-на-радон-2019-г/новини



The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) supports the European Radon Day with special infos on the web page
To the occasion of its thirtieth anniversary, the Federal Office for Radiation Protection was proud to host the ROOMS 2019, a European conference focused on practical Radon prevention. (

On the 7th of November ENA is planning to hold a public meeting in Offenburg, Baden-Württemberg/Germany, which is part of the Radon awareness campaign by the Ministry for Environment, Climate and Energy of Baden-Württemberg. The campaign comprises many more public meetings before and after November 7 (see newspaper ad), plus several information meeting for the construction industry, employers and authorities in October through December 2019, and possibly well into 2020.


  • EPA Ireland Press release:,67225,en.html
  • EPA Ireland will be issuing 12 regional press releases on 11th November.  The 12 regional releases will focus on each of the 12 priority counties.  They will provide the data for each county, the estimated number of homes that have tested high and not remediated and be encouraging homeowners to remediate.
  • EPA Ireland will also run an advertisement campaign for one week on RTE radio 1 (beginning on 7th November) and on local radio in the 12 priority counties.  They will also have a Twitter campaign on @EPARadiation.  Their local press release for county Wexford will highlight a pilot study to lend digital monitors to homeowners that have already carried out a 3 month test, are above the reference level and have not yet remediated.  EPA Ireland will lend passive detectors to members of the public through a library in county Wexford – they will borrow the monitors in the same way as they would borrow a book for 3 weeks. This is the info regarding the library pilot:



This year’s theme is Radon at the workplaces. The new EURATOM BSS 59/2013 is very much about protection of radon at the workplace. Therefore, ERA has prepared some posters to advise on radon protection at work. You can check the posters in different languages below and download them. Feel free to contact us if you wish to translate the poster into another language!

  • Bulgarian
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Polish
  • Serbian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish

Satellite events European Radon Day 2018



FANC informs of the following:

  • Press release concerning the European Radon Day: FR (French) NL (Dutch)
  • Paper article on the ERD in the newspaper ‘Metro’, in FR and NL.
  • Training course for building professionals
  • Measurement campaign for workplaces:
  • Measurement campaign for dwellings, with promotion of free detectors: (FR) , (NL), (GE)
  • Representation on a building fair (link) about energy-saving and building in Marche-en-Famenne (16-18 November)



EPA-Ireland informs:


The Ministry of Health informs of the start of information campaigns for the public and the distribution of free detectors


NRPA (Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority) has shared on its Facebook account the following animation to encourage people to measure radon


The Serbian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency informs of a post on their website about the European Radon Day 2018:



To mark European Radon Day 2017, the European Radon Association (ERA) has released a new video aimed at spreading awareness of the second leading cause of lung cancer worldwide.

This year’s European Radon Day also provides an excellent opportunity to remind stakeholders of the upcoming deadline for the implementation of the requirements of the Basic Safety Standards Directive. ERA’s new video includes details on some of the information that all EU Member States must include in their National Radon Action Plan, which should be published by February 2018.

The video will soon be available in different languages (French, German and Spanish) which will be available both on and on ERA’s new YouTube channel

Satellite events European Radon Day 2017


AGES made a press release which was sent out to all subscribers of the AGES Newsletter, including journalists. The newsletter referred to the 3. European Radon Day and to free radon tests in Austria. Furthermore, relevant radon information was given on the AGES website.

AGES Newsletter 11_17
AGES Website 7Nov2017



On 16th November there was about one hour educational program on the Bulgarian national radio focused on radon. Prof. Dobromir Pressyanov (University of Sofia and member of the ERA Executive Committee) was invited to speak on the radon issue  and to answer the questions of the public.

Link to the “radon talk” made by Prof. Dobromir Pressyanov:


The French Health Ministry took the opportunity of the ERD to produce some announcements via a press release (see below), broadcast via Twitter (#Journéeradon) :

  • Mentioning in particular the ERD
  • Listing different regional events for public awareness (also in attached file)
  • Announcing the 3rd national action plan
  • Announcing the realization and the future availability of a tool kit to assist local manager to prepare and conduct a radon measurement campaign in dwellings


EPA did a video for the European Radon Day (interview with Irish Radon Ambassador, Clare Kambamettu):

Other activities organised by EPA Ireland are:

  • EPA Ireland ads on RTE radio
  • The Elaine Show on TV3  (Weds 8th)
  • First episode of the science education programme “10 things to know about” (13th November) which will focus on radon:
  • Articles featuring radon on 7th, 10th and 14th November on:
  • Follow EPA Ireland on Twitter @EPARadiation
  • Press release,63180,en.html


The Institute of Nuclear Physics IFJ-PAN organised a seminar for local public, students and professionals (medicine, public health, building industry, etc.). The director of the Institute gave an opening speech. The seminar started with the presentation about Marie Sklodowska-Curie due to her 150th birthaday aniversary and then there were presentations about radon. The last point of the seminar was ERA film.
It is remarkable that for the first time medical doctors (pulmonologists, oncologists) attended this meeting. The seminar was filmed and the video will be available at “Practical Medicine” website.


The Swedish Radon Association has released a text and produced a poster on the European Radon Day. You can find this information below:

Press release





The campaign material of the UK Radon Awareness Week is accesible on the website This year’s campaign, Looking Out for Little Lungs, is focusing on making parents aware of the dangers of radon and the particular importance of limiting exposure during childhood years. If you are on Twitter, you can follow this campaign at

Looking out for Little Lungs – Radon Awareness Week 2017

Some videos of the UK Radon Association:

Looking out for little lungs, a compilation:

How Radon Affects Your Family – interview with Dr Aaron Goodarzi

PHE/BRE contribution

Public Health England (PHE) and the Building Research Establishment (BRE) held the 16th UK National Radon Forum on 7 November 2017 –European Radon Day. The topic “Radon and Indoor Air Quality” brought together presentations on the synergies of radon and Indoor Air Quality as a result of house ventilation trends, building regulations and Public Health.

The Forum was opened with a summary of BRE’s contribution to radon research, development and application. It highlighted the input made by Chris Scivyer over many years and marked his forthcoming retirement.

PHE updated on current activities; the status of the implementation of the BSS European Directive including the UK National Radon Action Plan; ICRP and radon dosimetry; baseline monitoring in potential shale gas areas; review of the UK radon measurement validation scheme; updates on mapping and current remediation advice.

Research was presented showing trends between ventilation and radon in energy efficient buildings in Ireland. Other presentations included: the selection and use of radon instruments; radon reduction and improvement of indoor air using positive input ventilation; an update on BRE radon training launched the latest module on ‘buying and selling properties’. ‘Be radon smart’, a dedicated radon ‘checkatrade’ style website was announced.

Promoting radon awareness is a major task for all stakeholders. The poster describes recent awareness raising events within PHE targeting mainly landlords, housing associations, occupational facility managers and the general public – see poster link or below.

S A Hodgson, Public Health England, 13 November 2017



Last year the first European Radon Day, an initiative led by ERA occurred on 7th November 2015. This event was a big success and satellite events took place in several European countries. You can find a summary of what happened at the ERA website.
The Executive Committee of ERA agreed on its last meeting to keep 7th November as the annual date for European Radon Day. The reason for choosing that day is that it is the birthday of Marie Sklodowska-Curie. Therefore, we encourage you to carry out activities such as public awareness actions, press communications, campaigns, training, publicity, etc… on that day and share with us through the website. So send us any material you wish to appear on the website and we will inform ERA members. We will include on this page the activities carried out in the different countries on this special day.


Satellite events European Radon Day 2016


IFJ PAN organised a popular seminar about radon problems for open public. One of the points was a lecture about Marie Sklodowska-Curie, apart from that they presented the results of their joint project concerning radon measurements in kindergartens in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary. This was a project co-financed by Visegrag Funds. After the seminar the information about radon was published in press, in newspaper and on the websites. In addition, they made a “radon house”  to show the ways of radon entry into building. Page 7 of the next pdf is in normal light and after switching to UV light the ways of radon entry start to be visible (page 8 of pdf)




Norway (Company Airthings)

For the week, to recognise European Radon day, Airthings is contributing 10% of their sales on their shop of the Corentium Home to the Norwegian Cancer Society.


Hajo Zeeb one of the editors of the WHO Radon Handbook on Indoor Radon was interviewed by Deutschlandfunk (German Radio Station). He emphasized, that he thinks planning to introduce a reference level of 300 Bq/m³ instead of 100 Bq/m³ in Germany is unfortunate.

In the federal state Saxony European Radon Day posters were sent to communities with high radon concentrations. They were asked to attach them at a place with high visitor frequencies in their town halls and to leave the posters there to inform about radon also after November 7.


European Radon day is celebrated on 7th of November.  Eduardo Torroja Institute for Construction Sciences (IETCC-CSIC),  carries out investigations about the development of constructive measures and new techniques to reduce radon gas in dwellings. Further information can be found at

A video with the presentations of the special day celebrated in December can be found here (in Spanish):


A press release has been published on the FANC website promoting the European radon day, the national radon actions (dwellings) and (workplaces), and announcing the training course for building professionals:

7 november: Europese Radondag

07 november 2016 – In Europa is er een belangrijke gemeenschap van experts die werkzaam zijn op het gebied van radon. Zij zijn verzameld in de European Radon Association. Eén van de missies van deze organisatie is om de bevolking en de deskundigen in de bouwsector te sensibiliseren voor dit radioactieve gas.

Daarom wordt elk jaar een Europese Radondag georganiseerd op 7 november. Dat is de verjaardag van Marie Curie, de ontdekker van natuurlijke radioactiviteit van radium en radon. In alle Europese landen vinden er activiteiten plaats om oplossingen voor te stellen in de strijd tegen radon.

>> Lees meer

7 novembre : journée européenne du radon

07 novembre 2016 – En Europe, il existe une importante communauté de professionnels travaillant dans le domaine du radon. Ceux-ci se rassemblent au sein de l’Association Européenne du Radon. Une des missions de l’association est la sensibilisation du public et des professionnels de la construction à ce gaz radioactif.

À cette fin, une journée européenne du radon est organisée chaque année. Elle a lieu le 7 novembre, anniversaire de Marie Curie, découvreuse de la radioactivité naturelle du radium et du radon. Dans tous les pays d’Europe, des activités ont lieu pour présenter les solutions qui existent.

>> Lire la suite


To highlight the European Radon Day a press release has been issued by the Austrian Agency for Health & Food Safety, AGES. See

The press release stresses the health risk due to radon. Recent efforts in Austria to increase awareness and to promote training of building professionals are briefly described as well as projects to improve the Austrian radon risk map and to determine the exposure to radon by staff of show caves and visitor mines.


Press release:



Several activities will be carried out in Norway at NRPA. There will be news on their website and the head of radon section, Anne Liv Rudjord, will be interviewed at the morning head news at The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation.



Irish colleagues are running a radon awareness campaign in county Wicklow. This campaign is run the same week as the European Radon Day. You can find further information on the following links:


Press communication with the following poster:


ERD poster in multiple languages


Danish version


Dutch version


English version


French version


Gaelic version


German version


Italian version


 Polish version


Portuguese version


Romanian version


Russian version


Spanish version


Swedish version



The first European Radon Day, an initiative led by the European Radon Association (ERA) will occur on 7th November 2015.

The purpose of European Radon Day is to give a focal point for radon awareness activity for all European countries. And what better date than Marie Curie’s birthday, which also falls within global Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

ERA has designed a poster which can be downloaded and shared with friends, family and colleagues to spread the message about radon, the second leading cause of lung cancer, after smoking.

Please click below to download the poster in PDF format.

English Version                                                            French Version

European Radon Day 2015 Poster ENGLISHEuropean Radon Day 2015 Poster FRENCH

Dutch Version                                                           Polish Version

European Radon Day 2015 Poster DUTCH      European Radon Day 2015 Poster POLISH

German Version                                                  Spanish Verson

European Radon Day 2015 Poster GERMAN       European Radon Day 2015 Poster SPANISH

Portugese Version                                                 Romanian Version

European Radon Day 2015 Poster PORTUGESE        European Radon Day 2015 Poster ROMANIAN

Swedish Version                                    Gaelic Version

European Radon Day 2015 Poster SWEDISH 2European Radon Day 2015 Poster GAELIC 2

What’s Happening in Your Country?


The Austrian Agency for Health & Food Safety, AGES, have issued a press release announcing the first European Radon Day and encouraging citizens to carry out radon testing. You can read the press release here


A specific awareness campaign will be organised, focussing on radon in workplaces, for which a new online tool for measurement and declaration has been developed ( )

A special training course for building professionals will be announced on the occasion of the European radon day, focussing on radon and Indoor Air Quality.


Information about European Radon Day was included in a radon symposium in Munich organised by Behoerdenspiegel, a newspaper for German governmental institutions and communities. A summary of the event, including the German version of the ERA poster is available at


EPA will be running a week-long awareness campaign in Co. Clare, beginning on 7th November. More details to at Coverage of European Radon Day has been secured in various media outlets, including NewsTalk radio.


On 6 Nov. 2015 Laboratory of Radiometric Expertise IFJ PAN organized the radon scientific-education session within European Radon Day.

It was held at the Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN in Krakow and was addressed to local authorities, local public, staff of kindergartens, students and press. This session was officially opened by Director of the Institute, Professor Marek Jeżabek. About 50 guests attended the session. The organizers gave interviews to local and national media.

We presented  information about radon, about our project within Visergrad Funds “Indoor radon and health risk assessment for children and staff in kindergartens in V4 countries” (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland). Information about this project is avaible on our website

During the session we distributed European Radon Day poster and brochure about radon.


On 6th November Radosys Atlantic had the pleasure to receive a visit from the Europeane Commissioner of Research, Innovation and Science, Mr. Carlos Moedas.
The European Radon Day poster was displayed and while explaining him what radon is, reference was made to the poster, the reference to the poster, the event and ERA.
The poster was also displayed at least in 19 city halls from the Intermunicipal Comunity of the Region of Coimbra.


To coincide with European Radon Day, the XIII National Conference of Medical Physics will be held in Cluj-Napoca on 7th – 8th November 2015, dedicating the 7th of November in memory of Mary Salome Skłodowska-Curie and November 8 of Wilhelm Röntgen. The conference is organised by the Romanian College of Medical Physicists (CFMR) in cooperation with the University Babes-Bolyai of Cluj-Napoca, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi and Oradea University. Further details can be found at


Unican European Radon DayThe Institute of of Construction Sciences Eduardo Torroja (IETCC) in Madrid have issued a press release regarding European Radon Day, which can be found at

The Radon Group of University of Cantabria displayed the European Radon Day poster in their laboratory and also in the University’s faculty of medicine to raise awareness of radon.


UK Radon Awareness Week will run from 7th – 13th November 2015 and is being run by UK Radon Association in collaboration with Public Health England and BRE Academy. Visit for information and to download resources. The campaign has been picked up by national media, including broadsheet newspaper The Guardian and broadcaster ITV.

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