ERA activities and events

Upcoming Events

Training course: Building protection against radon risk : measurement, mitigation and prevention (27th and 30th October 2020). CSTB Paris, France. Download the information and the registration form.

ROOMS 2020 Postponed. More information will come soon. Haute école d’ingénierie et d’architecture de Fribourg HES-SO Fribourg, Switzerland. Find further information here

Past events

VIII ERA workshop and AGM (Vienna, 24 February 2020). The workshop topic will be “Radon Research”. 

VII ERA workshop and AGM (Krakow, 28 May 2019)


ERA Radon week

Lugano, Switzerland (24 – 28 September 2018)

ERA Radon Week 2018

Radon mitigation course

ERA Radon Mitigation Course PROGRAM

ERA Workshop and V ERA General Assembly

The fifth edition of ERA radon workshop will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria on 17th May 2017. The topic this year will be radon risk communication. Also, the V ERA General Assembly will be take place at the same location as the workshop. Both events will be part of the TEERAS conference ( (Sofia, Bulgaria).


I Basic training course in radon metrology and control + IV ERA radon workshop. 

They are two separate events and participants can decide either to join the radon course or the ERA radon workshop or both events.

Download the second circular here: 20160224_rs1_EraCiudadRodrigoIIA

Download the first circular here

Basic Training Course in Radon Metrology and Control

The first Basic Training course in radon metrology and control will be held in Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain (25th – 27th April 2016). Radon group (University of Cantabria, Spain) is in charge of the organisation of this course.

IV ERA Workshop

The Executive Committee made the decision to celebrate the IV ERA radon workshop in the town of Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain (28th – 29th April 2016) at the Laboratory of Natural Radiation.

IV ERA General Assembly

The IV ERA General Assembly will take place in the town of Ciudad Rodrigo, Spain on 29th April 2016

Past Events

Participants II ERA workshop