The Association objectives are:

  • To promote and to participate in activities to reduce radon risk within the population, recognizing radon as the second cause for lung cancer
  • To promote public awareness of radon risk, radon measurement, radon mitigation and radon preventative techniques.
  • To ensure/develop/adopt quality standards in radon measurement, radon mitigation and radon prevention in new constructions.
  • To provide an effective partnership between radon professionals in the field and other interested public and private stakeholders.
  • To serve as a consultative body with regards to laws and regulations concerning radon.
  • To organize an annual Radon conference or workshop combining scientific presentations and technical exhibitions from companies working with radon.
  • Strive for the highest standard of fairness and integrity

The Association is unselfish in its activity. In their use for the public benefit, its funds may only be utilised for purposes in accordance with the statutes. It may not favour any person by means of expenditures which are foreign to the objectives of the Association.