General assembly

The General Assembly is the senior organ of the Association. It shall consist of members of the different categories as described in section 2, who have duly paid their respective membership dues, if applicable. The General Assembly is responsible for:

a. the acceptance of the Executive Committee’s annual reports
b. the election and approval of the Executive Committee
c. the dismissal of Executive Committee members
d. the approval of the budget resolved by the Executive Committee and presented by the Secretary
e. modification to the Statutes
f. modification to the Code of Ethics
g. dissolution of the Association

An Ordinary General Assembly shall take place every year. A Notice with the agenda, the date, time and location of any General Assembly shall be signed by the President and sent by the Executive Committee Secretary via electronic mail to all members of the Association no later than 1 month prior to the fixed date. Each ordinary member shall have one vote. Each company member shall have 2 votes per company, independent on the number of individual members belonging to that company. Decisions shall be made by simple majority vote. In the case of an equality of votes, the vote of the President or Vice-President in case of absence of the President, shall be decisive.