About ERA

The purpose of the European Radon Association is to create an association for radon professionals in Europe, with the ERA website as the key tool for communication amongst its members.

This website contains general information on radon and all kind of radon activities organised in Europe, with links to organisations such as AARST (http://www.aarst.org) and CARST (http://www.carst.ca) as well as institutions that members belong to, such as universities, private companies, national authorities, etc …

As in the US and Canada, ERA could interact with decision and policy makers. Position papers may be produced, representing the opinion of the Radon professionals in Europe.

A key activity of ERA should be the yearly organisation of a Radon conference, dealing with scientific and practical topics of interest, combined with a technical exposition on radon measurements, mitigation and prevention methods. ERA will contact scientific journals in order to publish the most relevant works presented in the conference.

ERA could help the development of high quality training and education courses and could stimulate the elaboration of an harmonized European certification scheme for radon mitigators and measurement providers. As an association, ERA will contribute its particular point of view to the new international standards (ISO)  concerning radon gas whilst in draft format.

An Executive Committee has been elected and the Association’s Code of Ethics can be found here.

Summary of ERA’s Goals

  • To promote public awareness about radon and its risks.
  • To participate in the work to reduce the number of lung cancer cases in Europe
  • To promote public awareness of radon measurement, radon mitigation and new construction radon reduction techniques.
  • To ensure quality standards are developed and adopted in radon measurement, radon mitigation and in construction of new radon reduction techniques.
  • To provide a community for education, sharing of ideas, resources and research.
  • To provide an effective partnership between radon professionals in the field and other interested public and private organizations.
  • Serve as a consultative body with regards to laws and regulations concerning radon.
  • To organize the annual Radon conference combining scientific, technical and practical presentations and technical exhibitions from companies working on radon.
  • To contribute to the training and education on radon